Hair loss is one of the most wide-ranging conditions afflicting men all over the world, with nearly two thirds of men experiencing hair loss by the age of 35. While much of society treats hair loss as just another inevitable part of aging, the fact is that there are many possible causes of hair loss, including some that can be reversed with hair restoration treatments.

Here are some causes of hair loss that might surprise you.


High levels of emotional or physical stress can lead to significant hair loss. When under stress, the body is flooded with intense levels of chemicals and hormones, many of which can trigger hair loss. The effect is even more pronounced when the stress is chronic instead of just a one-time event. Additionally stress can trigger a man to start literally pulling at his hair as a nervous habit, which can exacerbate or intensify hair loss.


Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid gland is insufficiently active, leading to a deficiency in certain hormone chemicals. This is thought to contribute to hair loss, and would require both hair loss treatment and thyroid medication to restore the hair to its former state.

Protein Deficiency

Not getting enough protein can lead to hair loss, as the aminos in protein are extremely important in the production of hair. If you’re not getting enough protein in your diet, your body might start to shut down hair production to preserve protein for use in other body systems.

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