Baldness affects millions of men around the globe, and it’s frequently the results of a genetic predisposition, medical condition, or medical treatment. Usually, if men become worried about whether they are losing their hair, the problem is well underway. At Doctors of Hair, we would like to share 3 early signs of male baldness in order to give men time to consider hair loss treatment options.

1. Receding Hair Line – Some men begin to notice that their forehead seems larger, or more pronounced. This is a common way that men notice the beginning of baldness. Because male baldness can happen gradually, it is often difficult for men to detect their own baldness. If you are wondering whether your hairline is receding, look at a picture of yourself that’s a few years old. If you notice a difference, your receding hairline will likely continue to worsen.

2. Thinning of the crown – This can be a little more difficult to detect, because it requires two mirrors, unless you have a very honest friend or significant other. To check this yourself, you will need to hold a mirror toward the back of your head and look into a mirror at the same time. If you notice thinning, or if you can easily see your scalp, male baldness is affecting you.

3. Hair on the desk – Under normal conditions, 50-100 pieces of hair can fall out daily. This usually isn’t a problem because hair usually grows at the same rate that it falls. If you notice more hair on your desk each day, perhaps you are losing more than the typical amount lost by most people each day.

For most men, hair is difficult to restore during the balding process and for that reason, it’s best to see a hair restoration specialist and ask them when you might be eligible for a hair restoration procedure. They will explain to you why you should wait before taking action. At Doctors of Hair, our physicians are highly skilled in restoring full, healthy hair to men who have suffered with baldness.

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